HRV App for Athlete Education


Sports Science for all

We aim to democratize the access to Sport Science by giving the power of data in your own hands. Daily monitoring and quantification in terms of data leads to better education and body awareness.

Resting Heart rate

No need for 24*7 monitoring. Check your resting heart rate and recovery by using Cardiyogram in just 2 and a half minutes. Check weekly and monthly trends on dashboard. Avoid overtraining and injuries.

Fitness Level

Find our your fitness level based on resting heart rate. Compare yourself with other athletes and keep track of medium & long term trends. Understand how the changes in your fitness are gradual and develop good training habits.

Wellness Questionnaire

Capture subjective information about sleep quality, sleep quantity, fatigue, muscle soreness, stress and get your daily wellness score. Understand and monitor these important risk factors. Develop healthy habits of sleeping and relaxation to maximize recovery.


Cardio workouts

Cardioyogram provides insights into your cardio sessions which are available only to professional athletes till now. For each cardio session, get Training Load, Training intensity based on your individualized heart rate zones apart from the basic information about speed and distance. Get weekly and monthly training load.

Buddy Feature

Train together with your buddies. Share your sessions with your trainers, coaches and friends so that you can exchange notes with each other. Trainers can easily the data of their trainees and see how their body is responding to the workouts.